bird bath with begonias and tree swing

Special planning + careful preparation goes into making your Workshoppe experience at Blackbird Trace an exceptional one.
As a result, all Workshoppes, Creative Camps and Presentation events are non-refundable.  

You may transfer the registration prior to the scheduled event by calling Blackbird Trace.

Celebrations and creativity bring joy and meaning to life. Blackbird Trace believes now is the time to gather friends, family and new acquaintances and celebrate this glorious life we’ve been given. You’re invited to take a little sabbatical from the rigors of daily life, catch your breath and lean into creativity.


Blackbird Trace offers Boutique- size Workshoppes, averaging 12 guests per event. Workshoppes that do not offer a hands on component are considered Presentation Events and average 20 guests per event.


Blackbird Trace is happy to create customized Workshoppes for a one-of-a-kind experience. Choose from  any of Workshoppes or Presentation events on the calendar. Customized Workshoppes are wonderful for birthday parties, baby + bridal showers, team outings, or just because! Our Creatives will offer private Workshoppes for groups of six or more guests.

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Mocking Bird Painting Artist Kim Brecklein

Possibly, the most vocally talented of all birds, the Mocking Bird, has landed on artist, Kim Brecklein’s, canvas.

Kim will lead you step by step in capturing this lovely bird’s song on your canvas. This darling painting uses a somewhat limited palette. You will enjoy exploring the varying nuances of color in a subtle non-judgmental space.

We would suggest this as the perfect Christmas gift… but we KNOW you won’t want to part with it!

August 20~ 2:00-5:00 PM

55.00 USD


sunflower painting. woman on tree swing

What’s summer without Sunflowers??!!! Sunflowers may be the happiest flowers that exist. They always look to the sun and shine bright!

Diving into this piece, artist Sandy Moss, shows you how to capture your inner sunflower through mixed media. Mixed media uses multiple types of art supplies to create texture, depth and most importantly FUN.

The only experience necessary for this art class is the ability to rip paper. 😉

August 22 ~ 6:00-8:30

45.00 USD


cowboy boots.

Harrison’s very own Laurie Jones is bringin’ it with line dance workshoppes!

Boots are optional but fun is not!! Get your boot scoot on and stop sitting it out at special events!

Line dancing is not only fun but a great way to get in shape and move your body.

Line Dance Workshoppes are a great to celebrate a sweet 16, bachelorette party or private girls night out.

August 26 ~ 6:30-7:45

4 Lessons -50.00                                                             1 lesson – 14.00


painting of sail boat with image of artist Mary Ann Busam

Feel that sea breeze in your hair! Artist, Mary Ann Busam, guides us through creating this magnificent adventure at sea.

Mary Ann’s mastery of acrylics is shared in this 2.5 hour Summer Sails art class. If you can hold a brush you CAN create this lovely glide across the water. Mary Ann’s step by step approach guarantees your success.

August 30~ 6:00-8:30

55.00 USD


With Autumn almost in view this is the perfect time to plan your fall garden! You’re invited to a lovely morning event to learn all things Fall Gardening in the Ozarks!

Gardening for us doesn’t end when the Pumpkins come in. In this presentation you’ll discover how to plan and lay out a fall vegetable
garden. Learn what vegetables love cool weather and how to extend your harvest to the first frost and beyond!

Sept 3~ 9:00-11:30

45.00 USD

Rooster painting class with Kim Brecklein

Protector and alarm clock of the farmyard, Colonel Doodle, consented to  his having his portrait painted. It’s rumored there were a few treats involved.

This regal fellow will be created in oils during a 3 hour workshoppe by artist, Kim Brecklein. Kim’s calm, reassuring teaching style will have your brush dancing across the canvas with confidence!

September 3~ 2:00-5:00 PM

65.00 USD

poppies in field with  artist Mary Ann Busam

What a dreamy vision of delight a poppy field is. Listen closely and you can hear the buzz of bees as they waltz from one flower to the next.

This is a 2.5 hour workshoppe with artist, Mary Ann Busam. Mary Ann guides you through the specific brushstrokes and color mixing used to create this ethereal acrylic painting.

Start looking for the perfect spot in your home for this one!

September 9~ 6:00-8:30

 55.00 USD


mixed media barn

There’s a better use for a credit card PLUS there’s no interest or fees! Yep, this adorable mixed media barn is created entirely with a credit card or hotel key and some masking tape! Not a paint brush in sight.

Can’t draw a straight line? This workshoppe is for you.  Wondering what mixed media is? It’s like a buffet of art supplies plopped on canvas. Ya can’t go wrong with a buffet!

New fun size canvas! 12×20

September 13~ 6:30-9:00

45.00 USD

painting of meadow. by artist Mary Ann Busam

“What a lonely place it would be to have a world without a wildflowers!”  ~Roland R. Kemler

Can we just take a stroll through this serene meadow of wildflowers??

Artist, Mary Ann Busam, shares how simple these lovely wildflowers are to “grow” right on your canvas.

This painting will be the one you’re gazing at in February when we have 6 inches of snow out the window!


September 23~ 6:00-8:30

55.00 USD


text inside wreath

This workshoppe… It’s all about Autumn!! Artist, Kim Brecklein has captured the best of the coziness of fall with the beauty of a roses!

We cannot WAIT to share the image! Kim is putting the finishing touches on this beauty!! 

Registration will open just as soon as we have the image so be ready to jump on this one!!


 October 1~ 2:00-5:00



painting of pumpkins artist Mary Ann Busam


Pumpkins! The mascot for Autumn! Artist, May Ann Busam, basically gathered these fresh from the pumpkin patch and placed them on canvas!

You’re going to adore this 2.5 hour art class as Mary Ann helps you harvest your very own pumpkins in acrylic! Spend an afternoon celebrating Autumn with a paint brush!

October 13~ 2:00-4:30

55.00 USD


child creating art

Let the messy begin!! Art is an experience and the messier the better! And the BEST part?? Mom and dad, YOU don’t have to clean up this mess! You never know what messy art adventure is going show up for your child at Blackbird Trace!

Participants will experience and create mixed media and other media art projects. Snacks will be provided. Please inform Blackbird Trace if you child has any known allergies. ie. food, bees, outdoor allergens

Register early!

Fall Art Camp

October 13 & 14  9:00-12:00

45.00 USD




teen girl creating art

Fall Art Camp for teens at Blackbird Trace is all about self discovery! Grab this break in the fall semester to explore personal interests and celebrate a couple of days with no homework!  

Your teen will dive into abstract, loose art adventures and (weather permitting) some serious outdoor reckless painting!

October 13 & 14  1:00-4:00

45:00 USD


Worm Farming 101: Creating Luxurious Compost

Urban gardener, Heather Atwell, wants to talk about worms! And you should too!

Don’t let a small backyard stop you from composting your way to a fabulous garden! This workshoppe is all hands on deck meaning you’ll receive a supply list upon registration and info on where to purchase supplies.

Dig deep into this hands on event creating your very own worm farm. You’ll leave with the perfect setup to welcome a happy family of worms as well as info on where to purchase your new friends.

Heather invites you to come get down and dirty and ready for that backyard urban garden! 

October 15~ 9:00-11:30

Price to be announced


painting of barn. Artist Mary Ann Busam

Country doesn’t get any better than a red barn!

How about an afternoon embracing the country creating with a brush?! Mary Ann Busam is THE GAL to help you “build” your own red barn without a hammer or saw!

Mary Ann’s 2.5 hour acrylic workshoppe gives new meaning to the phrase “barn raising”!

October 27~ 2:00-4:30

55.00 USD


Fall Bounty painting. Artist Kim Brecklein

Let’s celebrate the bounty of fall!

Gathered straight from the garden, artist Kim Breckelin, shares creating light and shadow with oils.

Kim’s heart for teaching techniques using artist grade oils shines in this workshoppe.

As we move into the holiday season, this painting will be a lovely heartfelt gift for someone special. If you can part with it that is.  😉


November 5~ 2:00-5:00

65.00 USD


Let’s just start the holidays now with this enchanting Christmas ornament!

Artist, Mary Ann Busam, invites you to welcome the season with  Joyful Holiday. A 2.5 hour acrylic workshoppe!! You’ll be ready to start stringing popcorn and cranberries when you place this painting in your home.

Bring on the Merry!!


November 19~ 1:00-3:30

55.00 USD



text inside wreath

Christmas always brings us fond memories and a sense of nostalgia.

Step back in time with artist Kim Brecklein as she reminds us of the joys of a simpler life celebrating abundance and peace.

Kim provides step by step instruction for creating this lovely vintage still life.

While Kim finishes this lovely piece we wanted to give a small idea of what’s coming!!

Registration will open as soon as the image is posted.


December 3~ 2:00-5:00