One of the basic elements in the creation of art is known as value. Value is the lightness or darkness of a hue (color) when black or white is added to it. If we look at this element just a bit differently we can maneuver the outcome to represent intensity of our very being.

Instead of adding black or white to the hue, let’s increase the pressure of the pencil, crayon or pastel we’re using. Have I lost you yet?

When using a pencil or charcoal this is called a ‘grayscale’. I’m certain you’ve seen these.

What if this could be applied to your life, right now. What if the intensity of you could be measured by you with a simple exercise in color.

Recognizing you

Who are you? Who is this being walking the planet. Think of the moment you were your most intense self. You were most in tune with every aspect of you. Not that you hadn’t any cares or difficulties but those things had not become ingrained in you. They were not part of the YOU.

Now consider the lowest point you have found yourself in. It doesn’t matter if you were there because of poor choices, toxic behaviors of others or experiencing abusive environments as a child.

The “Value of YOU” is discovered only when you choose to purposefully seek it out. Many days we are too overwhelmed with life to seek out anything other than the couch and television at the end of a long work day. Day after day of this secluded environment leads to less intensity for life and isolation.

Social Isolation and Loneliness

Indulge yourself in conversation with any college student or recent graduate. The excitement they brought to university has all but disappeared. More college students than ever are experiencing suicidal thoughts, social isolation and loneliness.

Loneliness and social isolation is attributed to 30% of all deaths from suicide. Same percentage of those that die from cigarette smoking. This percentage does not represent only college students or the elderly. Since the 1980’s the percentage of adults between the ages of 30-45 reporting extreme loneliness has doubled.

The ability to physically create with others in a safe, non-judgemental environment helps re-introduce participants into a simple and focused social space. “The Value of YOU” allows participants harness the present moment while reflecting on the past to create a more vivid picture of life for the future.

A Tool for Growth

“The Value of YOU” is an art clinic offered as an add on to other clinics or a seminar.  It may be requested at the time of seminar booking. This clinic generally adds 30 minutes to the seminar dependant on number of attendees. The nature of this Art Clinic gives participants a tool for future use when navigating through unrecognized emotions 

“The Value of YOU Art Clinic” is well suited for office settings, also. Businesses and healthcare providers wishing to encourage self care among staff will want to consider this option. 

“The Value of YOU” Art Clinic

Clinic fee 20.00

Time frame 20-40 minutes dependant on number or participants

Maximum participants 25 Minimum 8

All art materials are provided

To schedule your clinic or for enquiries please email


In the event of a crisis or emergency please call 911 or go immediately to your nearest hospital emergency department. Do not use email, any type of social media or the “Contact” page to communicate with Blackbird Trace or Sandra Moss in the event of a crisis. Please seek help quickly if you have any thoughts of self harm, suicidal ideation or thoughts of suicide. You are TOO important to ME to not seek help the moment you need it.

For Emergencies Call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255