The Color of Your Emotions



Have you ever “seen red”? Maybe you have felt “blue”. Been a little “green with envy”? There is more truth to those statements than you know!

Your emotions “vibrate” and have “frequency” just as color does.

Have you experienced times of sadness or depression? You have probably felt less energetic and a general mood of malaize during these moments or days.

A desire to hide or sleep may have been prevalent. Choosing darker colors to dress in may have been more comfortable also. All of these attributes are expressed through emotion.

Our outward life is an immediate indicator of our inward emotion. Many times we work to “hide” our emotional state from friends or family but there are always small indicators.

What about the fun and exciting events you’ve experienced? Those were times you may have had unending energy and felt as if you could fly. You didn’t feel the need for extra sleep and you chose brighter more energetic colors of clothing. Emotion was a positive almost “high” euphoric space to be.

The Color of Your Emotions introduces the principle of color frequency and emotional vibration. This clinic teaches participants how to interact with color move from emotions from negative or harmful to balanced, harmonious, healthy state.


“The Color of Your Emotions” Art Clinic provides participants the tools and understanding of basic science and art principles as they pertain to healthy emotional living.

These principles are taught through a hands on abstract painting clinic. Emphasis is on healing negative thought patterns while enhancing positive emotions through the experience of creative art therapy.

The “Color of Your Emotions” Art Clinic requires NO previous art skill or practice whatsoever. The painting is incredibly fun and simple using broad splashes of paint in random places to create a one of kind harmonious picture. Participants choose their own colors for the painting based on the principles taught as the instructor guides application.

All materials are supplied in the art kit provided. Supplies are also provided to complete a second painting at home using canvas board along with access to an online video tutorial.

The Color of Your Emotions Art Kit

11×14 gallery wrapped canvas

11×14 canvas board

Acrylic paint

Brush/assorted paint applicators 


The Color of Your Emotions Art Clinic

Fee 85.00 per person

3 hour clinic

Max Participants 25, minimum 12

Please Email to schedule your art clinic.




In the event of a crisis or emergency please call 911 or go immediately to your nearest hospital emergency department. Do not use email, any type of social media or the “Contact” page to communicate with Blackbird Trace or Sandra Moss in the event of a crisis. Please seek help quickly if you have any thoughts of self harm, suicidal ideation or thoughts of suicide. You are TOO important to ME to not seek help the moment you need it.

For Emergencies Call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255