Creative Business Strategies Through Art – 

What do you do when clients are not beating down your door?  When you have this gut instinct/feeling… you cannot find the words or systems that showcase your business.
You KNOW your product or service will change lives. 
It’s a difficult situation to navigate. You can’t really see the forest for the trees.
When your an entrepreneur and business owner you face 56,000 decisions a day. But then… there’s that smidge of a feeling… there’s more. There’s more you can offer. There’s more you can provide. You feel it. YOU can leave a legacy, not just build a business. Your trying to see it through this dense fog.
That dense fog happens when we try to “reason” a creative thought into being.
The idea that business is linear and left brain thinking is obsolete.  Look at the most successful businesses and entrepreneurs, Richard Branson, Gary Vaynerchuck, Steve Jobs, what you may not see is it takes creativity to build a legacy. They have and are leaving a legacy much larger than their businesses.
YOU already have the creativity… you only need to tap into it.
So why not put creativity to work for you. Instead of stumbling along watching some things work and other things fall apart, set an intentional course to USE your creativity to serve others and build your business.