Painting Relationships

Painting of fall flowers


Have you ever been to a “Wine Paint Canvas” evening? For a few dollars you can paint with your friends and others while having a glass of wine. You are, in essence, painting relationships together. Your experiencing a focused task and being lead by an instructor through the steps of creating a painting.


As a culture we want to say this is new and novel. On some levels it is. If we take a quick glance back through history we see maybe not so much novel and definitely not new. Without plowing through a history lesson, relationship entertainment has been around for centuries. Although it looked a tad different.


Have you heard the stories or seen the memes on Facebook of the elderly lady and her friends or family sitting on the porch shelling beans? The beverage of choice would have been sweet tea or water but the outcomes of the event were the same, at least the mental outcomes.


What about the paintings and images of ladies participating in a quilting bee? Entertainment and relationship building has been around for years, in the past the events had as much to do with livelihood as entertainment. The men were in on this entertainment also. Group hunting, barn raising, cards and sporting events such as horse racing brought comradery to the gentlemen of the day.


ladies seated in yellow room

Social Isolation

Science has revealed the chemistry and brain processes that make relationships so vitally important. The New York Times has reported Social Isolation as one of the fastest growing health epidemics in the country. Since 1980 the reports of adults experiencing loneliness has increased from 20 to 40%. Surprisingly, the age group affected by loneliness is not primarily the elderly but extends to those in early adulthood also.


Social isolation and loneliness are two separate issues but both involve periods of time isolated from friends and the outside world. How do we as a culture, a community begin to help reconcile ourselves and our neighbors to healthy relationships. The much more difficult question to answer is have we noticed isolating behaviors with ourselves or friends.


Life is busy and schedules are hectic but that doesn’t always mean we are participating in healthy social relationships. Being in a room full of people does not necessarily mean we are not lonely.


Adulting is Hard

Interestingly, as we move through adulting it becomes more and more difficult to connect with others in a meaningful way. Playdates stop as children enter the “Tween” years and even earlier. During those years adults become even more consumed with work and careers. Children are then off to highschool, college and starting loves of their own.


Dynamics in the home change as the nest empties and evenings filled with kids and laughter may give way to deafening silence.


How and even why do we concern ourselves with maintaining and beginning new relationships?  The answer is rather sobering.


Research is shows 33% of all suicides are attributed to social isolation. Loneliness and social isolation have now been declared a public health emergency by the previous U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy.


ladies standing holding paintings

Relationship Painting Art Clinic

This sounds like a scary way to introduce an art clinic, doesn’t it? Art is supposed to be fun and uplifting and maybe a little challenging, right? And it is!


It’s also fast becoming the prescription more and more health care professionals are giving when treating social isolation, loneliness, PTSD, compassion fatigue and scores of other dis-eases.


The Relationship Painting Art Clinic is reminiscent of sitting on the porch shelling beans. Minus the beans… and bugs. This art clinic opens the doorway to conversations, gives opportunity to spend time with new people and most importantly… makes interactions easy. Art Clinics are completely judgement free zones.


The most important aspect of this clinic is the social gathering. The art is instructor lead but not pushed. The instructor facilitates  painting while offering conversation and a listening ear. This is the most engaging, yet low key creative event you will find.


A successful Relationship Painting Art Clinic is the one where YOU find new friends, reconnect with previous ones and experience a renewed sense of joy and peace.



Each participants’ painting will be a unique reflection of their own style, taste and beliefs. Paintings are NOT intended to recreate the instructors example. Clinics are in person events with a maximum enrollment of 25, minimum of 12. 

All materials are supplied in the art kit provided. Supplies are also provided to complete a second painting at home along with access to an online video tutorial.



“Painting Relationships” Kit Contents

11×14 Gallery wrapped canvas

11×14 canvas board for home use

Acrylic Paint

Brushes/Paint applicators

“Painting Relationships” Art Clinic

Fee 85.00 per person

3 hour clinic

Max Participants 25, minimum 12

Please Email to schedule your art clinic.




In the event of a crisis or emergency please call 911 or go immediately to your nearest hospital emergency department. Do not use email, any type of social media or the “Contact” page to communicate with Blackbird Trace or Sandra Moss in the event of a crisis. Please seek help quickly if you have any thoughts of self harm, suicidal ideation or thoughts of suicide. You are TOO important to ME to not seek help the moment you need it.

For Emergencies Call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255