Creativity for Business


You’re an entrepreneur. You are a CEO. You own a small business.


But first, you are a person with incredible skills, gifts and a huge vision for the future.


You’ve heard all the buzz about taking your business to the “next level”. This sounds like a great idea. Except. Who’s “next level” are we talking about?


You’re competition? The “best” in your field? 


What if your “next level” isn’t on anyone else’s chart? What if your next level is your legacy?

You deserve to be your creative best in your business. YOUR creativity is what makes YOU stand out in the market. No one else thinks the way you do or sees opportunity like you. You only need to wake up your creative brain.


“Professional and Team Building Programs” provide you with new tools to build your business and legacy your way. YOU create your own standards, agenda and best practice according to what is important to you. You serve your clients and community with fresh eyes and new found passion.


Are you ready to see beyond the forest AND the trees? Let’s get started.

Please email me at sandy@blackbirdtrace to begin creating your legacy through art and creativity in your business.