Sandra Moss, creator of Blackbird Trace, is a self taught mixed media artist. With a background in teaching and social media marketing, Sandra has a passion to share her story of overcoming emotional trauma and pain through Expressive Arts. She is constantly inspired by cutting edge brain research and business principles which then spill onto canvas through paper, asemic writing and paint.


Guided by her aunt, professional artist Louise Brown, Sandra began painting with oils at the age of 5. Her creative endeavors in the arts continued as she moved to music with banjo and piano lessons.


The pull of creativity followed her as she matured into adulthood teaching in the public and private sector, homeschooling two children and traveling as a military spouse.

Sandra’s interest in business peaked with the dawn of the internet. Social media marketing allowed her to marry two passions:

  • enhancing lives through supportive healing art clinics, 
  • continually pursuing new art techniques in order to discover the principles that enhance, explain and transform businesses, spiritual journeys, and emotional healing.


Entreprenuership has always had space in Sandra’s life. Previous life events have lead her to own a childcare service, professional cleaning service, Cedarberry Creative Art Center, Heart Sparks Subscription Club and Ravens Palette Pop Up Holiday Painting Venue. Commissioned artwork, gallery exhibits, lecturer for various universities, elementary guest art instructor along with speaking engagements have given her a chance to share her passion of art and healing with a diverse age group. 

Blackbird Trace is the culmination of a life’s obsession with visual art, health and wellness through art, neuroscience and the application of art principles for spirituality and business.

You must do the work of healing but your don’t have to do it alone.



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