Holistic Art Seminars


Why choose and Art Seminar?

Art seminars allow participants to fully experience the depth of art as healing. An important aspect of a seminar is the physical gathering of participants. This shared meeting and time of creating ushers in a sense of belonging and safety. Opportunities to laugh, engage and physically move with others in a space begins to loosen the grip trauma has on lives.  Making mistakes is no longer a concern. Exploring together, on the same level of creativity, spans the gulf of fear and shame. This new found confidence then welcomes participants back to safety and the vibrance of life. Art Clinics can provide similar benefits during a shorter time span. An Art Seminar provides a chance to form new and healthy friendships that may carry over into future relationships for support. When participants share time with others living with the same difficulties, encouragement and positive reinforcement aligns with the many benefits being recorded within the brain. New memories are formed that help bring harmony and fulfilment, replacing negative thoughts and eroding memories of past trauma. 

Who is an Art Seminar for?

An Art Seminars may be introduced for weekend events, women’s groups, church groups, Health and Wellness Centers, Yoga Studios or even groups of friends. There is no set qualifier for a seminar. In some instances, the seminar may need to be gender specific depending on previous experiences by the participants.

What an Art Seminar is not.

Art Seminars are not conducive to the paint party atmosphere. Alcohol is not offered during a seminar. There are no accommodations on property for children of participants of seminars. Childcare maybe arranged by the hosting agent of the seminar but that is not part of the seminar package. Art Seminars are not “specifically retreats” but designed for participants who know each other and are generally arranged and reserved by groups.

Art Seminars

  • consist of two or more Art Clinics 
  • held during a 1, 2 or 3-day experience. 
  • offer an immersive healing/growth experience in expressive arts.
  • limited to 12 participants to ensure individuals receive one on one help as needed. 
  • do not utilize talk therapy but participants are encouraged to share any moments of clarity or direction they experience.

Seminars are held at Blackbird Trace but may also be scheduled for offsite locations as well. Travel and accommodation allowances will be discussed at time of seminar booking. When scheduling an Art Seminar, we will discuss which clinics best suit the needs of your group, timing for the event, and physical location needs based on the clinic and supplies used. 

Scheduling and pricing for Art Seminars

Pricing for an Art Seminar is dependent upon the art clinics chosen and the program time.  Basic pricing estimate-

  • 1-day program starting at $185 per person
  • 2-day program starting at $270
  • 3-day program starting at $425

To schedule a Holistic Art Seminar please call

Blackbird Trace 740-517-5002