Art Clinics

Art Clinics are the basis for supporting healing through expressive arts with Blackbird Trace. Art clinics are held in locations across the country at churches, trauma centers, healing arts centers, and private events.


The introduction of a clinic to a support group, church leadership team, recovery group or for a private event helps the dialog to be action focused instead of talk focused. Communication can be an essential part to healing and working through personal or group issues.


Many situations require more of an “ice-breaker” approach or opportunity to discover the words that need to be spoken for healing conversations to take place. Art Clinics provide this in a non threatening, safe space for words to be enticed and revealed. Art Clinics offer a “companion type” sharing, a “coming alongside” for support as opposed to a stare asking for response. 



Professional and Team Training with Art Clinics

Art Clinics also provide professional leadership and team trainings for corporations, small business owners and adult education courses with universities and community colleges.  Creative business strategies are explored through art for team building events and leadership.


Professionals learn how to leave “old school” ideologies of taking business to ” the next level”. “Next level” thinking is replaced by “legacy” thinking. Business professionals experience actionable steps for creating a life and environment of legacy by adopting simple creative processes based in neuroscience and art. 



Art Clinics may be scheduled by choosing individual clinics, as a seminar or in retreat format. Please email Blackbird Trace at to schedule your clinic