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Bird bath, tree swing, red begonia

Chief Creative Conspirator


Hi! I’m Sandy Moss. Welcome to Blackbird Trace! This intimate space nestled within the trees and moss is a life long dream in the making.

It’s a celebration of all the things we adored as children and all the things we couldn’t wait to do when we arrived at that mysterious title of adult! I bet you remember that!

You’re welcome here. We need your smile and heart here! You’re invited to revel in the music of life, the colors of joy and the explosive movement of adventure.

Hurry up and get here! There are paintings waiting to be created, flowers to stop and smell, new friends to make, space to heal and restore your wounded parts and music to dance to. 

I can’t wait to meet you!!!


Life is lived in color. Images. Music. Movement.

Blackbird Trace exists to create and celebrate all the joys of your life.


Tucked away among the hardwoods is a boutique creative space that opens hearts to wander and sets hope ablaze. Blackbird Trace welcomes you to indulge in a space unlike any other in the Ozarks.

Enjoy a painting escapade with new friends, celebrate special occasions with a private event, sign up for one of our urban gardening experiences or register the kids for an art camp.

We believe everyday should be a party and at Blackbird Trace

we want to share it with you!



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