“Finding the Fire Art Clinic” provided the space to allow my feelings of pain to be processed without cognitive recognition.

During the session, I was able to relax and enjoy the artistic process. Once complete, I was able to reflect on the image, which clearly evoked the hidden trauma within, releasing itself as in expression in art.

Stephanie R

Participant "Finding the Fire Art Clinic"

Sandra Moss presented her training, Creative strategies for Program Planning, in my senior level course for Program Planning and Implementation in Community and Public Health.

Sandra used art to help my students begin to think more creatively about how to address health issues. Sandra then helped the students develop deeper level critical thinking skills by tearing the model of a program down and building it back up with new concepts.

Sandra also helped students use “Creative Storytelling” about people to encourage students to think on a deeper more personal level about the people they serve.

The students were heavily engaged and completely enthralled by her presentation. I could see a new level of energy infused into them when she was finished.

Sandra’s training Creative Strategies for Program Planning was eye opening and has also helped me revisit the way that I engage students.

Heather Harmon, MPH, CHES

Associate Professor of Instruction and Program Coordinator of Community and Public Health undergraduate program, Ohio University

Dear Sandy

When Dr. Carden mentioned to me that you had reached out to her wanting to do something for the survivors of sexual violence that we encounter every day here at Silverleaf, I was so excited. Not only was I happy to be able to give survivors an opportunity to create something beautiful, but I know the healing powers that art can have. What I didnt know was how much it would affect me

You have such a kind, beautiful way of speaking to people and you immediately made everyone feel comfortable. We had differing levels of artistic ability in the room, but your Finding the Fire Art Clinic made it easy for everyone to create something beautiful, unique and meaningful to them. You instruct just enough to point us in the right direction and explain the importance of each step. I love that each step engages a different part of the brain, which you truly begin to notice about halfway through the project (or at least I did). 

I have heard nothing but positive remarks from survivors, staff and volunteers who attended the clinic, and we are already planning to have you return. There are so many different capacities in which this clinic could be utilized and be truly meaningful to its recipients. You are an amazing soul. I am thrilled that we were able to connect, and I look forward to the next time.

Emily E Neel

Director of Operations and Community Engagement, Silverleaf Sexual Trauma Relief and Recovery Services