This song. It reminds me we each have moments, hours, days… we need rescuing. We need someone to be there. To listen. To care.

November 2019 I had the honor of sharing “Finding the Fire Art Clinic” with Silverleaf Sexual Trauma Recovery Services staff and volunteer retreat. I watched the staff and volunteers create their images. I watched as they listened for their words just beneath the surface, explore color, and laugh and tease each other with great tenderness.

Ultimately, what I witnessed was a pause in time and space. Which is exactly what art does. I listened and watched as these who daily offer to listen, to care, to advocate… to rescue, expressed rescue for themselves by experiencing art.



I’ve not written this post earlier as I knew there were words and meanings that had not surfaced for me yet. I process before I share delicate lovely events I am privileged to lead and observe. I need perspective and at times distance. Now I realize why.

Silverleaf is in the business of recovery. Rescue. When “you have been broken, your innocence stolen” there is an army that is sent out. As we are rescued, we in turn, become that army that rescues, that offers steps when the path is unclear, helps with recovery.

These pieces created by staff and volunteers embody the heart and soul of each. Every piece unique. Every color and thought a reflection of story.

















Silverleaf Sexual Trauma Recovery Services exists to believe, support, and encourage survivors in their journey, from surviving to thriving. We are here to weather the storm with them.

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