We are bombarded with “setting goals”. Intentions. Life plans. Bullet journaling. Five year plans. The 12 week year. 

Let’s not forget Life Book, Project Life, and all the assorted other offerings for planning our lives and then capturing how well we executed our plans. BAH!!!

These are all fine and dandy… how long since you heard that phrase…  certainly worthy of time spent. BUT. Planning means hope. Hope for the future. What if we can barely get through the next five minutes? 

What about when hope is broken into a million pieces. What happens when hope is nowhere to be found? What about when everything we see looks nothing like we expected?

A puzzle without a picture

Life feels disjointed, disconnected and depressing. Nothing is complete. You think you’ve finally gotten somewhere. The puzzle pieces are all in front of you ready to be assembled but then, all those pieces seem to belong to a different puzzle. You don’t even have the box for that puzzle. You have no clue what the picture is supposed to be and then someone has the audacity to ask you what your five year plan is???

I get it. I so totally get it. And full transparency here… This 12 Minute Art practice is the very picture of those thoughts. Getting out of my head what my brain is tossing back forth is the quickest way to find some direction.

Make it easy

For this 12 minutes I need something super simple and repetitive. Psst… Your brain likes repetition when it’s trying to process hard things. Repetition of process, NOT repetition of thoughts.

To make it easy, I used a limited color palette… which is just a fancy way of saying I chose only a few colors to work with. I think I only used four colors for this. I added the Sharpie marker at the end almost as if to say… I’m putting a stop to this now. The end. Finished. I’m ready for my hope please.

Did I solve all my problems with this? NOPE. I did get a new perspective on them. I did step out of the dark, temptation of depression. I didn’t think about this when I was creating though. I just got paint on the brush and went at it. The brain took over from there and did what it does best. What it is created to do. Sort the truth from the lie. Divide the feelings from reality. Offer hope in the midst of possible despair.


The supplies for this one are-

  • Handmade Modern Paint
  • Black Sharpie Marker
  • Canson Mixed Media Journal
  • Paint brush.

And that’s it. Just start. If you get to this place, don’t give up. Just start. I’m not saying it’s easy. It’s not. It is worth it. YOU are worth it!