When I do 12 Minute Art my brain slows down. My breathing becomes steady. My focus is right in front of me, not on the bajillion things I have to do.

And you’re thinking ~”so what?” What does that possibly have to do with me?

As it turns out, it has a ton to do with you. Well… only if you want the best chance at outwitting dementia, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer… Ya know.. just stuff like that.

When the brain has time to slow down, stop spinning in a million different directions, the hormone cortisol begins to level off. That’s a very good thing. Cortisol is responsible for your stress levels. Sound familiar? Stress is the major factor in disease, weight gain, not to mention autoimmune diseases.

So, let’s just revisit 12 minute art for a bit.. if taking just 12 minutes to calm down, focus and breathe could increase your health, longevity, happiness… wouldn’t it be worth it to buy at least some crayons? 😉 

Stampin ‘Up brush markers for this one. And nope.. I don’t sell them, I’m not promoting them… These are just the ones I have and use..