What happens when you hang out with college students? You are infected with their passion. Curiosity. Excitement for the future. Really. You should try it!

I spent two amazing days at Ohio University with the seniors in Programming Planning and Implementation in Community Health for Community and Public Health Major. I had the privilege of presenting my course, Creative Strategies for Program Planning to around 40 students. This program extends over two academic class sessions or a one day seminar.


Ohio University Students in creativity course


The Creative Strategies for Program Planning course engaged the students in creativity through art, storytelling and critical thinking concepts. Creativity is the foundation of all business, social and community programs. OU students were given the opportunity to explore program planning from an artistic/creative direction. And WOW! Did they respond! 


Students at Ohio University course Creative Strategies for Program Planning


Each artistic challenge I gave, they leaned in. These students grasp not only the clear directions given but the subtle nuances hinted at. Associate Professor and Program Coordinator of Community and Public Health undergraduate program, Heather Harmon, and I agreed to bring a somewhat unorthodox thought process and application to this specific class.


Harmon not only knows her students, she recognizes their curiosity and commitment to enhancing and changing the future of Community and Public Health. Harmon’s desire was to offer students a proven process to engage the creative portion of the brain and help students “get out of the box” insights for planning strategies.


Ohio University Creative Strategies for Program Planning in Community Health


Having been in the classroom, instructing, sharing and listening to these students, I believe Community and Public Health will be seeing a complete overhaul once these students begin pursuit of careers in the field. I’m looking forward to 2020 and presenting this course to the next group of aspiring public health providers.

For this class… the fall 2019 Ohio University seniors in Program Planning and Implementation… they have stolen my heart. Each and everyone of them.

Big thank you to Professor Harmon and her incredible students.