artwork, mixed media


Our lives contain a multitude of experiences and emotions. Joy. Sadness. Hope. Loneliness. Anticipation. Healing. Disappointment. Toxic trauma.

Some emotions slip quietly from memory leaving only a vapor of consciousness. Emotions built from traumatic events tend to linger. Some for mere hours, others for days. Severe traumatic events embed memories into our minds that are unwilling to leave.

Traumatic Experiences

Toxic memories like these may be from a one time traumatic experience. This type of event may cause a person to develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD.

A person that is subjected to trauma on a continual basis may suffer from a different type of PTSD known as CPTSD or Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. CPTSD is experienced by those in spousal abuse, child abuse situations or anyone abused by a trusted “caregiver”. 


So Many Questions

We are human. We desire and need personal relationship in trusting caring environments. When these environments are skewed, relationships are toxic or trust is lost not only the mind is affected but the body also. 

We struggle to understand or even maintain function after walking through pain caused by trauma.

We have questions, feelings of numbness, terrifying memories we are trying to process and nothing makes sense. Our sleep rhythms are distorted, we find it difficult to think clearly or logically and healthy food choices are obliterated.

Life is in disarray and there seems to be no way to bring harmony and peace to daily living. Getting out of bed becomes the biggest task we may accomplish on some days.

It’s easier to withdraw. Not talk about the feelings. Hide the recurring, terror filled flashbacks, the sense of helplessness. Being alone feels like the best way to cope, even though the exhaustion from the loneliness and stress is adding to the minds reactive looping process.

Isolation is the new normal.



There is hope. We can heal from these experiences. We can live in peace with the knowledge we are safe. We can experience joy, fulfilling relationships and thrive with the adventures of life. 

Compassion Fatigue, social isolation, loneliness, CPTSD, and PTSD affect our friends, family members, church family, caregivers … possibly, ourselves. We may not recognize the symptoms or magnitude of the damage done. We’re still trying to make sense of the feelings, events or trauma that occurred.

We can heal from our past traumatic experiences, even if the past is as recent as this morning. We have brought together the science and brain research that confirms we can prevent and help heal the wounds of our hearts and minds through expressive art practices.

Using art clinics with specific, simple techniques in a safe environment, you are gently lead to release the hurt, the pain, the toxic trauma through self discovery and healing art processes. Simple art supplies and techniques allow the brain to release the trauma, exhaustion and constant replaying of painful memories.

You are strongly encouraged to continue the simple art practices at home. Continued interaction with the art techniques allows the brain to continue processing daily lie in a powerful positive manner.

You have been created to live a full and joyful life.

You can do the work of healing but you don’t have to do it alone. We can help.