One of the easiest ways to use color for 12 Minute Art is Color Blocking. It’s easy because there are no rules you must follow. Originally Color Blocking was a fashion statement using bright contrasting colors.


For playing with 12 Minute Art, the only design rule is fun! Choose any colors you like and let them run loose on the page. Any form or fashion you choose is perfect. You may want to repeat shapes or maybe ignore shape all together  and just glide from one are of color to the next. You get to choose!


The inspo video for today uses the same Canson Mixed Media Art Journal and this time I’m use Stampin’ Up markers. Any type of brush tip marker will work wonderfully. It’s easier with the brush tip because you can create broader strokes of color more quickly. Toward the end I used a grey Sharpie marker to add some spirals.


I could do this specific 12 Minute Art on page after page. Getting into flow state and letting the events of the day wash out happens pretty quickly when Color Blocking. You may want to create a series of these Color Block pages experimenting with different color combos and shapes.


And BONUS! The Canson Mixed Media pages are perforated. You can easily remove them and frame a set for display. Instant art AND health benefits!