You can sink into flow state in 12 quick minutes with an art journal, a brush and affordable acrylic paint.


With summer ending, long lazy days are coming to a close. Back to school shopping, little league, dance class, and… gasp! holidays just around the corner, can send us spinning! All this activity can also make us short on patience and drain our energy really quickly!


As much as we enjoy the change of pace, there are times it becomes overwhelming, even for the #gotitalltogethergal. Thankfully, we are created to naturally rewire our frenzied state with simple art experiences. Our brains are always ready to decompress through creativity.


We don’t have to be Van Gogh to explore color, space and movement. In fact, the best flow state happens naturally when expectations are removed. A little bit of paint, a basic brush and something to paint in will immediately quiet the thinking and calm the breathing.


This short time-lapse video will help you jump start that calm flow state.


I used the same Canson Mixed Media Art Journal as the other videos but this time I used Handmade Modern acrylic paint from Target. There’s always time for a #targetrun I like the thickness of this paint and how it glides on the page without being too liquidy. The one “artsy” product I used was Dr Ph Martin’s Bleed Proof White. Okay. I honestly don’t know if this guy is a doctor or not. I do know this stuff is magic! It’s a really thick, white, gooey paint. It covers everything!  This is not a must have product but! It is super fun!!  I’ll link it below just cuz it’s fun!

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