Could back to school shopping and prepping be any wilder? This is a great time to indulge in some 12 Minute Art!


We were just in Target last weekend and the frenzied moms were staring at long lists of school supplies. Different supplies for every class and every child!


One dear mom said there were duplicate supplies for multiple classes for all three of her kiddos! I wonder when the stores will team up with the schools and make one stop shopping for school supplies the norm!


Once the school supply haul is over borrow the kids crayons OR while your buying school supplies grab your OWN box of crayons or Scribble Sticks for some easy downtime!


When was the last time you caught a whiff of those colored sticks of joy? Instead of pulling out a coloring book settle in with a Mixed Media Art Journal and your new box of crayons.


No need to chase Monet just let the colors lead you. Circles and spirals are always quick and easy and help you slip right into flow state!




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  Adult style crayons! Scribble Sticks and good old fashioned Crayons.