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Welcome to Blackbird Trace

 Blackbird Trace offers art clinics and seminars for supporting healing through expressive art.

Professional and team building programs and courses are offered for small business, industry and leadership development.  



Supporting Healing Through Expressive Arts

Professional and Team Building Programs

Participant Creations from “Finding the Fire Art Clinic”





Sandra Moss presented her training, Creative strategies for Program Planning, in my senior level course for Program Planning and Implementation in Community and Public Health.

The students were heavily engaged and completely enthralled by her presentation. I could see a new level of energy infused into them when she was finished.

Sandra’s training Creative Strategies for Program Planning was eye opening and has also helped me revisit the way that I engage students. ~read more

Heather Harmon, MPH, CHES

Associate Professor of Instruction and Program Coordinator of Community and Public Health undergraduate program, Ohio University Athens, OH 45701

You have such a kind, beautiful way of speaking to people and you immediately made everyone feel comfortable. We had differing levels of artistic ability in the room, but your Finding the Fire Art Clinic made it easy for everyone to create something beautiful, unique and meaningful to them.

You instruct just enough to point us in the right direction and explain the importance of each step. I love that each step engages a different part of the brain, which you truly begin to notice about halfway through the project (or at least I did). ~read more

Emily E. Neel

Director of Operations and Community Engagement, Silverleaf Sexual Trauma Relief Services, Elizabethtown, KY

Sandra’s “Finding the Fire Art Clinic” provided a safe environment to explore my deep held trauma and reflect on how it currently affects my health and shows up in my life.

Stephanie R

Participant, Finding the Fire Art Clinic

Rescue-Silverleaf’s Staff and Volunteer Retreat

  This song. It reminds me we each have moments, hours, days... we need rescuing. We need someone to be there. To listen. To care. November 2019 I had the honor of sharing "Finding the Fire Art Clinic" with Silverleaf Sexual Trauma Recovery Services staff and...

Strength Training-Even if Your Not A Bodybuilder

Strength training is commonly thought of as a bodybuilding technique. Lean muscle. Six pack abs. Toned biceps. Those outward indicators that show you are highly motivated and disciplined. There's another kind of strength training. I'm just gonna go out on a limb and...

Puzzle Pieces of Hope

  We are bombarded with "setting goals". Intentions. Life plans. Bullet journaling. Five year plans. The 12 week year.  Let's not forget Life Book, Project Life, and all the assorted other offerings for planning our lives and then capturing how well we executed our...